Do I need an Estate Planner? You do if you want to insure that what you worked long and hard for goes where you want it to go — quickly and cost-effectively. Good estate planning starts with a good plan. It’s the first step achieving your future plans and peace of mind. We provide the best estate planning tools, guidance, and strategies to achieve your long-term goals and to safeguard your lifestyle, your heirs, and your assets against unpredictable future events and tax liabilities.Learn More
“How much is it and how do I pay for it?” Since statistics show one in two of us will need long-term care during our lives, these are the questions we are asked most often. Presented with so many options and levels of needs, as well as the myriad of myths and misinformation surrounding Medicaid inevitably leads to many inquiries and concerns that are best addressed by our qualified estate planner.Learn More
“Is special needs estate planning complicated?” Parents of special needs children have enough to worry about without attorneys confusing things more with their children’s estate planning needs. We take a good, safe, long-term approach to specials needs planning. Let us show you how simple the planning can be for parents.Learn More
“What estate planning is needed when step-children and second marriages are involved?” Blended families often face unique and complex estate planning challenges. Based on your family’s situation and needs, our staff can help you select and execute approaches to best attain the asset protection you so vitally need when it’s yours, mine and ours.Learn More
“What planning options are available if we choose not to marry?” For unmarried couples, a comprehensive estate plan is the single, best planning solution for committed partners to legally empower themselves. We can help you avoid the common pitfalls that can jeopardize plans and cost thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses and taxes. Our professionals provide your partnership with the most privacy, security and peace of mind possible.Learn More
“What if my son or daughter weren’t around to inherit my estate?” “Do you 100% trust your daughter-in-law or son-in-law to do the right thing with your money?” Our experienced professionals will actively engage and collaborate with you, creating a thoughtful, solid estate plan if you have concerns about leaving a son-in-law or daughter-in-law in charge of an inheritance meant to be allocated and distributed to your grandchildren.Learn More
“As an Executor or Administrator, can’t I simply settle the estate myself?” It can take up to a year to settle an estate, as the legalities and processes involved can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially for the lay person. You should be able to spend that time focusing on family and what’s important to you – leaving the legal aggravations to us. We provide the necessary legal guidance to organize and expedite the step-by-step process.Learn More
“How can your firm keep me focused on my business?” We help small companies get up and running and keep existing ones focused on generating business, rather than on legal details and technicalities. By handling many of the everyday legalities of doing business in North Carolina – we keep our clients in compliance with state and local guidelines and regulations  – and out of preventable legal entanglements.Learn More

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We will be participating in a private estate planning presentation in conjunction with Olympic Golden Retirements
We will be participating in a private estate planning presentation in conjunction with Olympic Golden Retirements
We will be participating in a private estate planning presentation in conjunction with Olympic Golden Retirements
We will be participating in a private estate planning presentation in conjunction with Olympic Golden Retirements
We’re proud to be sponsors of Chatham Social Health Council and look for our table at their fundraiser, Drag Bingo.
Stop by and say hello at our booth.
We’re looking forward to celebrating the event and seeing old friends and clients at OUT! Raleigh 2015.

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Jeff was very thorough. He explained things in a language we could understand. It takes a lot for Debra to trust anyone and she trusts Jeff 100%. He’s patient and takes his time. – Art & Debra S.
Jeff was very patient with all of my questions. His staff responded quickly to any and all concerns. He took me step by step through the process and I couldn’t be happier. Mike S.
“Jeff is one of those rare people who believes in doing what is right – and then does it. We could all learn a lot from Jeff.” Hal F.
“Jeff is a dedicated Attorney, persistent in the pursuit of his clients’ needs. I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and of the highest integrity. I highly recommend Jeffrey.”—Sophia M.
“Easy, informative and an enjoyable process. We feel we’ve received excellent services and we feel that we’ve been taken care of.” Nancy A & Nancy C

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