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The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci, PLLC specifically handles Life and Estate Planning and Corporate Law, concentrating on Trust and Business Planning to grow, protect, and transfer the assets of our clients according to our client’s wishes.

Whether you need simple wills, an asset protection trust, or complex estate tax planning, our firm is here to help.

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    • Saturday September 20th at 7:00 p.m. Drag Bingo
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    •  Monday September 22nd- 23rd Attending The Estate Plan Advanced Institute in Reno, NV.

A Little Known VA Benefit

If you know a Senior Veteran (over 65) or a Widow of a Veteran who served during a time of war, it’s very likely they are unaware that there is a VA Benefit that can help them pay for their long term care needs.

How To Talk With Your Parents About Estate Planning

Talking with a parent about their estate planning is never easy, but it is a crucial conversation. Less than a week ago I met with a young woman in Statesville whose father passed on without any estate plan. Unfortunately, she received an inheritance of about $60,000 that made her ineligible to receive her social security disability benefits and unless she spent the money down to under $2,000 by today she also would be removed from the Medicaid program and have to pay for her extremely expensive medicine out of pocket. She would then have to go through the whole Medicaid application process again. If the father had simply put her inheritance into a special needs trust, she would have had that money available to supplement the things Medicaid and social security didn’t handle.

Medicaid Common Myths Quiz

There are a lot of questions and myths surrounding Long Term Care Planning. What’s true and what isn’t? Below are five questions that will get you started. Think about the questions and once you’ve answered them, view the video below for our answer. You may or may not be right. 1 – If I need […]

Featured Testimonial

"Setting up a Trust can be a daunting thought but, with the help of Jeff and his team and their step by step process, it’s really nowhere near as onerous as you might think. We’ve just completed the process and feel confident our estate will pass to our beneficiaries with minimal delay, cost or tax liability while eliminating the potential for other than those we’ve listed to be able to claim. The Marsocci step by step process is extremely comprehensive, easy to follow and user friendly while being flexible enough to allow your Trust to be tailored to fit your needs. Jeff and his team are certainly understanding and easy to work with."

- by Ray & Linda