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Estate Planning Dos and Don’ts When You Buy a New Home

Whenever I meet with new clients, we have an Estate Strategy Session to really dig into their goals and wishes. After we get a good list of priorities, I’ll go through “The Big Four” questions that all of my estate planning clients need to answer to get their plan moving in the right direction. The [...]

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Estate Planning and Your Small Business

“I don’t know what else I can tell you,” I, unfortunately, had to say. “So you’re saying I’m just plain out of luck,” Ted said, his anger only marginally suppressed. “This is a damn nightmare! What am I supposed to do now? I don’t have half a million dollars just lying around!” Ted was in [...]

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Estate Planning and Terminal Illness

“There’s always something that gets left out when you have to rush,” I thought as I poured over all of the papers on the conference room table. Tax returns, account statements, deeds. It wasn’t anything on our end, but Eric could only get so much organized for his brother Mike in such a short period [...]

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Estate Planning: After an Accident

It’s always good to be able to give good news, even in the midst of a tragic event. I had been working with Gretchen for a good number of years, and she had a solid estate plan in place. She particularly was concerned that her beneficiaries have as much tax and other protections as possible [...]

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Don’t Forget to Revise Your Estate Plan After a Divorce

Tom sat staring at the phone. He hated lawyers. Ever since his divorce, he learned to hate all things legal. Well, except for his own attorney. She had done the best she could to protect him in the divorce proceedings, and the outcome wasn’t miserable. But still, considering his ex was the one who cheated [...]

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Does My Revocable Living Trust Need a Tax ID Number?

As long as both people who set up a revocable living trust (RTL) are still alive you don’t need a separate tax ID number. Using a social security number from either party who owns the trust is perfectly fine. I get this question a lot because, for some reason, there are banks out there that [...]

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Countable, Non-Countable and Exempt Assets in Medicaid Planning

[From The Long Term Care Solution by Jeffrey G. Marsocci] I meet with people all of the time who have loved ones that will need skilled nursing care, but, like deer caught in headlights, they are too uncertain to make any move at all. As months go by, the family loses opportunities to plan, and [...]

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Children and Inheritances: How to Preserve an Inheritance for Your Child

They weren’t happy. Of course they weren’t happy. But they weren’t supposed to be happy, they were supposed to be protected. And as an attorney, that’s what I had to get across to them. “It’s my money, and you better give it to me now!” nineteen year-old Marci said, her fair complexion turning red. “I [...]

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Can’t I Just Use a Power of Attorney When Someone Passes On?

Legally, Power of Attorney dies when the person who executed it dies. If you think about it, a Power of Attorney is saying, I am empowering you to do anything that I can legally do. Once a person is deceased, he or she cannot legally do anything, therefore that authority ends when the person on [...]

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Financial security and real peace of mind—You can’t download it

Barbara and Mary sat at the restaurant table going over legal papers from the attorney, each of them on the edge of tears throughout their lunch. “I still can’t believe they’re gone,” Barbara said, referring to their husbands. “A car accident. Both running successful businesses, seeing their oldest kids looking at colleges, enjoying life, and [...]

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