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Our RX Angel chooses the BEST Medicare plan to work for YOU

This year the Care Assistance Center has invested in a revolutionary new tool called the RX Angel to assist our own clients with their annual enrollment with Medicare. The RX Angel takes all the guess work out of choosing what Medicare plan works best for you. Got your attention???

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Financial Planning Basics Book Is Out!

Jeff's latest book, Financial Planning Basics, has just been released [...]

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Is it time for the LGBTQ community to get their houses in order?

The LGBT Community is bracing itself under the new Trump Administration. It’s not a time to panic, but it is time for members of the community to get their houses in order.

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Changing Your Irrevocable Medicaid/VA Pension Benefit Planning Documents

So how do we make changes to an irrevocable plan? It’s a little complicated, but it is doable.

Join us!

Potential creditors, divorcing spouses, or a problem-in-law: How certain are you that your estate will eventually make it to your grandkids? Find out at my upcoming seminar.

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