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December 2018

The Importance of Trust Funding

Many of our estate planning clients have chosen to use a Revocable Living Trust as a way to avoid probate of their estate as much as possible when they pass on. Unfortunately, just having the [...]

4 Things to Understand About Medicare

Medicare can take time to fully understand. There are lots of options and it can seem a bit intimidating at first. When nearing retirement age, it is a good time to start looking into Medicare. [...]

Don’t Talk to the Medicaid Office

Rule 1: Don’t Talk to the Medicaid Office. One of the most important pieces of free advice we give people all of the time is to never talk to the Medicaid Office, especially if you [...]

November 2018

3 Top Reasons IT Outsourcing Enables Growth

Note from Mr. Marsocci: While our primary focuses are Estate and Medicaid Planning, we also have a lot of business owners are clients, and we felt this article might be of relevance to them. --- [...]

Top Ten Don’ts of Medicaid Planning

Don’t Talk to the Medicaid Office. In the past, people have reported going to the Medicaid Office to “just get information.” They were then handed a form, asked to fill it out, and then sign [...]

A Busy October

  October is always a busy month, especially when it comes to Mr. Marsocci’s work with the North Carolina State University Circle K. This past October was exceptionally busy between work, a seminar, a national [...]